Hosting an Afternoon Tea and my trip to London

I am in love with London! I love the accents, the culture and the amazing experiences that comes with it!

I have been to London three times, once with my mom and twice with my boyfriend. During the last half of 2017, my boyfriend went to Canada for a semester. I missed him a lot, but this is also where my passion for confections bloomed. I visited him that October and he promised me, that we would do something great together, when he came home. Almost everyone who knows me, know that I am perhaps the biggest Harry Potter nerd in existence… so he promised me to take me to London to see the Warner Bros’ Harry Potter studio tour. WUHUUUU!

But we made the mistake of buying the plane tickets before booking the tour… and we realized there were no available tickets for the studio tour until three months after our trip… so that sucked!

But we quickly planned other things and traveled on Jan. 5th, 2018 as planned: we saw Wicked – the musical, visited a spa, tried a lobster dinner! and tried out the famous British Afternoon Tea.

It was such amazing experiences that we decided to do it all again! But this time, we also wanted to see the HP studios… And boy was it a tight schedule!

We went back in October that same year.
We just arrived at the hotel, threw on some fresh clothes and went straight to the theater to the The Lion King – what a fantastic musical!
The next day we had to get up super early, took the bus and train to the Warner Bros’ studio. People who say that you’ll only be there for approximately 4 hours…


We were there for 8 hours!!!! 😀


On or last day, we went to Corus Hotel near Hyde Park and had Afternoon Tea. I absolutely loooove the concept, which I guess is now leading to the whole point of this post 😛


A couple of weeks ago, I really felt like “going back” to London, so I planned an Afternoon tea for four, inviting some very good friends of ours and it included everything an afternoon tea needs.

For the setting, I used these laced napkin rings and coasters, which my grandmother made herself.

Since I don’t own fine china, I used my regular porcelain. I placed tea spoons, butter knives and cake forks as well and of course a glass for water.

The tea, I chose was with lemon and sea-buckthorn and was served in the cutest tea pot, which I got from my mom^^ It was very mild, which made it great for all these different flavours in the food.


For the starters, I made four kinds of finger sandwiches:

  1. Homemade egg salad and chives
  2. Homemade creamy tuna mousse
  3. Cucumber on butter with freshly ground pepper
  4. Smoked salmon on cream cheese with dill


For the second course, I served scones, which I had never tried to make before, so I was hella nervous xD I got the recipe from this video by proper tasty.
Naturally, when eating scones, you’ll need jam and clotted cream… now, while clotted cream is very common in England, it is not in Denmark, so I thought, I’d try to make it myself… that is… until I found out it takes about 8-10 hours…


So I combed through the internet and luckily, I found one place who sells it. For those of you who don’t know, clotted cream is a sort of combination between butter and whipped cream… soooo gooooood! 😀


Finally: for the sweets I just went all in on petit fours. Seriously, what is with girls and tiny things? :O
I made four different kinds and for two of them, I already had some short crust pastry in my freezer, so it was quite easy!

  1. Shortcrust tarts with a crème pâtissière filling and topped with a blueberry.
  2.  Homemade miniature kinder milk slices with a mascarpone cream.
  3. Chocolate short crust pastry shells with caramel, banana and whipped cream and creme fraiche. The rercipe is by Cupcake Jemma and you can find it here.
  4. Miniature potato cakes… If you are not familiar with this cake, you’re probably thinking “what the hell is that?!”.
    A potato cake has nothing to do with potatoes other than looks. It is build up with a thin vanilla sponge, crème pâtissière, another vanilla sponge, whipped cream and a thin layer of marzipan drizzled with cocoa powder, yum! Besides the Danish “lagkage” this is my boyfriend’s favourite cake!


This was such a fun project and it will deffinetly not the last time, I’ll do it! 😀


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