Orange-nougat slices

Treat yourself or someone you love this Christmas with a batch of these absolutely delicious orange-nougat slices! They are easy to make, look fantastic and tastes even better!


I’m a big fan of Christmas confections in general, but these are my absolute favourite! (so far 😉)

Let’s get started!

For this recipe you’ll need:

Zest of 1 organic orange

150 g of pure marzipan

80 g of good quality nougat

Approximately 50 g of good quality dark chocolate.

A bit of icing sugar for rolling.


Start off by zesting the orange. It is important that it is only the outer layer of zest, since the white layer underneath is quite bitter and will ruin the taste.


Let half of it dry and knead the other half into the marzipan with your hands.

I like to make a sort of bowl out of the marzipan, placing the zest in it and then folding the marzipan over. To get it evenly distributed, I roll the marzipan out into a sausage and then folding it on top of each other and then doing it again for a couple of times.

Sprinkle a bit of icing sugar onto your workspace, then take your rolling pin and a ruler and roll out the marzipan into a 15 x 15 cm square. Set aside.


Then give the nougat a quick knead to make it workable and roll it out in some more icing sugar into a 15 x 7½ cm rectangle (you might want to wash your hands before rolling).


Get rid of the excess icing sugar on the marzipan and nougat by wetting your fingers and dup on top. Then take your nougat rectangle and place on top of one half of the marzipan square.

Then you cut of the extra marzipan and place it on top of the nougat.

Temper the chocolate (method here) and spread out a layer on top, as evenly as possible. As soon as it is smoothed out, drizzle the remaining orange zest on top and let it set.


Note: the reason I have to peaces is because I made a bigger batch, so I can share it with my family on Dec. 23.

When it has set, take a sharp, long knife and cut it in half on the long side. Then you cut the two new rectangles into smaller squares and finally, cut the squares into triangles.


I forgot to take a picture of this, so instead, you get to enjoy my amazing skills in Paint xD

And you’re done!


Tip of the day: Place the slices in a dartboard box with other kinds of Christmas goodies and use it as a hostess gift^^










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